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andrew's complaint against Betfred

andrew powell


betfred do not accept complaints

Complaint against Betfred

After trying to log in to my account 3 times to place my afternoons bets, using all the correct information may I add, my account became locked and I was instructed to contact betfred customer services, which I immediately did, I received an email back telling me that I had not once tried to log in and to try again, so that's what I did, again I received the same message to contact them as my account was locked,again I emailed them and there response was to send the exact same email once more saying that I had not tried to log in and to try again, annoyed at this point I tried again with the same result, my account was locked, so because I was sick of there customer service department accusing me of lying I screenshotted the log in page with the error message and sent this again with a request to speak to a manager, betfreds response...the exact same email I had got twice previously showing not only had they not bothered to look at the screen shot but they wernt even reading my emails, just sending the same pre written response every time, after this I decided to call them, and ask to speak to a manager in there complaints department, the girls response was as follows "we do not have a complaints department so you cant make a complaint and a manager will only bother calling you back if they think it is WORTHY of their time", seeing as we pay there wages I think every complaint should be worthy of their time, I was told that a manager MAY listen to my call and they MIGHT call me back in the next 48 hours, I will certainly be closing my account this weekend and returning to coral who actually know how to treat their customers. I couldn't be more disgusted, I have been accused of lying by there customer service department,my emails and requests have been blatantly ignored and as a result of their incompetence I have missed out on a winning double and a double where 1 lost 1 won.

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Stephen Clax Mclachlan | | VERIFIED

Betfred are honestly and this is the truth THERE NO MORE THAN ARMED ROBBERS BUT HAVE A LICENCE TO DO SO,,, they are also very hardened nasty cartel ,,, I was lied to on more occassions than a can remember treated like a !!????%%?? idiot and a suppose that is what I actually was because a beleved there total TEXT BOOK LIES AND EXCUSES AND YES THERE IS A BOOK GOT TO BE AND ALL STAFF HAVE ONE

Stephen Clax Mclachlan | | VERIFIED

Honestly every chance you get my friend to say what they are write it a got so mad because they were basically STEALING MY MONEY if a could have been face to face with the guy in customer service,, honestly a would have sexaully abused him and murdered him in front of his family stay away from them it is disgusting they lie steal and get away with it infact am getting angry talking about it
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