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rebecca's complaint against Betfred

rebecca muff


transactions to betfred not authorised by myself

Complaint against Betfred

on the 27th -28th sept 2015 a total of 26 transactions were made from my bank account thru betfred totalling £830, these transactions were not authorised by myself, after reporting to police and Barclays bank it was investigated, because I already had a betfred account Barclays found me liable for the money so I went to the financial ombudsmen,, my complaint was against Barclays as they said I was liable but it now seems that betfred are the ones to blame, the ombudsmen tried on numerous occasions to contact betfred to discuss it and each time didn't receive a reply via email or phone because of this the ombudsmen couldn't ask the bank to write it off as they were not at fault , therefore I want to complain against betfred, I have tried to speak to them and again no reply, I emailed them and explained what had happened and they still didn't reply my account has been overdrawn by £830 for 5 months now plus all the stress and anxiety caused to myself by this I need betfred to look into this and refund the money?

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