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BILLY's complaint against Playrix games



Designed to slow you down, or rip you off!

Complaint against Playrix games

DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THEIR GAMES!!! For Instance, Township is a TOTAL rip-off. It gets to the point it crawls and isn't enjoyable unless you can walk away for hours. To play for any length of time, you have to spend money. Once you spend money, things like Video's, where you can earn Bucks, very seldom appear anymore. Plus, the game's designed poorly on purpose. For instance, if you go to check your factories to see what you need in ingots to do an upgrade, if you accidentally double-click, it will take your Bucks to do the upgrade. An HONEST company would make the PAY buttons a different color, or put them in a different spot. Not these people. I got screwed for the last time by these CROOKS!!! They make tons on teams PAYING for their GOLD trophies too. Never a fair competition. You might enjoy this if you can handle the slower pace and long delays because you don't spend money.... Good Luck!!!

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