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Susan's complaint against Playrix games

Susan T.


ZERO COMPENSATION for lost in game boosters, lives. No professionalism, Customer Service.

Complaint against Playrix games

While playing, I was in a level that had a glitch. This was now the second level this happened in. I wrote their "support" team to no avail. In fact the person who responded didn't even know the details of how the game is played. That's like having a gardener fix your plumbing. Then I was asked if I screen printed the level! Seriously, you actually think I foresaw problems? The second time, I did screen print 10 screens and guess what... you can only attach 1...duh. So after complaining, all I recieved, AFTER LOSING 10 lives, numerous boosters which I paid for!!!, and my time and frustration, was a reply of "sorry you experienced difficulties in the game, we'll make changes if need be". No compensation, no reimbursement. I understand there are people who most likely will try to "rip" them off as well BUT I had proof and they should be able to track it, wouldn't you think? So, instead of this Company tossing me a few lives, and boosters (costs them nothing), and keeping a consumer, they will now lose money (me). I will go on to another game (as their are many reputable games, and I will ensure nobody else gets ripped off by Playrix. This company and others like them that have "UNFAIR AND A QUESTIONABLE "free" GAMES" need someone reviewing, tracking and monitoring their systems. After all, it is a computer that gets programmed. I allege that this company rigs this game, without a doubt.

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