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Emily's complaint against musicMagpie

Emily Tunstall


Faulty IPhone

Complaint against musicMagpie

Purchased a 'very good condition fully functional in perfect working order' iPhone 6 Plus. Had the phone less than two months and the screen has stopped working. It will open apps itself, call random people. Can't text as it types the letters itself absolutely shocking and barely usable. Called customer services explaining the situation and they sent me a label to return the phone and a replacement will be sent once they receive it back. Explained I do not have a phone to use in the meantime and I will purchase a phone elsewhere and would like a refund for the faulty phone. She said they can only replace as it's over a month (not stated anywhere on T&C's) so why don't I buy a new phone, send the faulty one back and they will send a replacement and I can sell the replacement on. No. Absolutely appalling. I am not paying another £300 for a phone to then be sent a replacement and to lose money on the replacement as I would never sell it for that much. Asked for a supervisor to call back. Never did. Next day I called again asked for a supervisor call back which I eventually got. She was abysmal. Very rude, very unhelpful. When I asked where it says in T&C's that I can't have a refund after one month she said it's not stated. So what's the issue?? Her version of the consumer rights law was very different to mine. Explained I was more than happy to send her the consumers rights law which states that if the item is not satisfactory, as described or fit for purpose that I'm entitled to a refund. She said the consumer law in front of her stated differently. Okay then. So I am stuck with a faulty phone, which I have to return for a replacement. I do not have a phone to use in the meantime and quite frankly the service from start to finish was appalling. Tweeted the company 3 times and all of my tweets were deleted. The girl on the phone also failed DPA as she didn't confirm my full name and address before she started discussing bank details. Avoid, I wish I did.

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