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Miss's complaint against Mercedes-Benz

Miss Glaza


Faulty and Dangerous vehicle

Complaint against Mercedes-Benz

Car bought in September 2014 brand new . Constant problems , first month the sat nav did not work properly and the petrol gauge was not showing correct petrol . Sent it back they said it's fixed bit still faulty at times. Then a few months later the alarm goes off constantly even when the engine is off, phoned dealership no one bothered calling back. Problem worsens over the week with ppl leaving g notes on car to say alarm going off. Rang dealership again and spoke to a manager who said he couldn't do anything it's the weekend. Took the car back and they gave a courtesy car. A week later got my car back with the promise it is now fixed . 2 weeks later the alarm is going off every 5 seconds and when I drive too. I logged a complaint they didn't bother to respond so when I threatened to go to the papers an AA roadside assisted e was arranged, he removed the fuse and left the car with me to drive to the dealership smart collindale in North London. I have already been stopped by the police for driving the car with alarm sounding whilst driving and same evening I go to collect my dry cleaning and get pulled up by the police for speeding and then we notice there is no speedometer as fuse being taken out affected all the other stuff on dashboard so therefore didn't realise I was speeding. The neXT day 2 blokes came from Smart mercedes and took the car. A week later the car was returned to me on the promise that a new alarm has been installed and there will be no problems. Well 3 weeks later I'm driving on the M4 the alarm sounding all the way to Heathrow and again randomly on the return journey . Several ppl at smart mercedes have heard the alarm going off whilst on the phone with me. I was told to wait till 5.30pm today for the car to b collected I was then told they can't get a courtesy car as they only had Manual and I drive automatic. So ended up waiting outside in the cold from 5.15pm until 7.30pm. Thsee issues have depressede, lower my self esteem by being treated badly by the public when the alarm has been going off and disturbed. Being without car has cost me hundreds of pounds in can fares goin from West London to north London and back to west lo Don then to Shoreditch sometimes Oxford stretch toeet friends also going to Isleworth for charity events I'm at a complete and utter loss without a car. I have been inconvenienced too and treated like crap by the smart Customer service team who have been patronising at times. I feel completely low and depressed by being accused of stealing my car whilst driving with the alarm going off. I have had enough. Smart mercedes could not even respond to my complaint correctly and ignored my emails even though on the phone that gave confirmed they have received the emails. I have never ever dealt with this level of incompetence in my life. The service has been appalling and they have put mine And my families life at risk by knowingly aware of the Electrical fault in my car that they gave failed 2 resolve this being the 3rd time for this issue and separate issue previously

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