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Nallie's complaint against Unity Lotto

Nallie Murambo


Wake me up really?

Complaint against Unity Lotto

So I get a call at first I decline it, but then they called again saying congratulations you are the top 3 finalists to win an iPhone 7 I say I never entered into a competition to win an iPhone and she says aggressively yes you did and then goes on and on and on and on about syndicates and winning on avg £50,000 and how I get 10 free lines and then after that I pay £37 a month to them but I don't have to pay anything not, and just need to give them my account details so they can pay in the money and the most annoying thing is they sound convincing at first but then I asked them well how will I pay the membership fee if you can't use the information I give you now to take money out of my account and she gave me some bs and didn't really answer the question, then I said I wasn't interested I am not giving out my information to random people from a company I don't even know, and then she put her "manager" on the phone who also tried to convince me and I kept asking him where he got my details from they had my address name email address how? I am still worried about this because I don't know how my information can be accessed so easily and I want to complain about this company because the information they are spouting is rubbish and the have a very aggressive sales pitch.

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