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Rhonda's complaint against JC Web Creations

Rhonda Doyle


Beware of computer scams

Complaint against JC Web Creations

A JC-Web Creations representative called me because of possible internet security issues. He gave me the idea that they had done work for me in the past. I don't remember the name of the companies but I did get my computer fixed a couple of times in the past. I knew I was having problems with my computer. But, I told him that I could not do anything about it at this time. He went on to tell me that if I didn't get my computer fixed, it was going to crash and I would not be able to use it at all. I still told him I could not do anything because I didn't have the money. I said I was on disability and couldn't afford it. He asked when I could fix it and I said not until at least October. He put me on hold then came back and said he could schedule payment for October 3rd. He said he would fix it now so it wouldn't crash and that we could make arrangements to pay them on October 3rd. I made sure that he understood what I was saying several times. However, when he did the transaction,he did it for for that day. I was still on the phone when I asked again when the payment was due. That's when he told me He was sorry but unfortunately it already went through. I told him that he needed to put the money back right away. At this point, I didn't expect him to fix the computer but, I did need my money back. He put me on hold and when He came back he said the billing department would refund my money within 24hrs. He said he would fix my computer now and refund the money, and that they expected payment on October 3rd. When the refund was not done, I called several times and they would say that I was getting my money back but each time they gave me a different time frames. So, after I last talked to them, I got a phone call from their representative and was told what day the refund would be back in my account. I weighted till that day and when it wasn't in there again, I called the next day and I was told the account was credited that day. I told him it was not in my bank account and he told me I would be sometime during the day. This morning when I checked my account, I called the company back. He asked for my name and proceeded to tell me that they were not going to refund my money at all. They said to call my bank. I already knew the bank couldn't help me but, I called anyway. I was right, the bank couldn't do anything about it. So, I called the company back and asked for a supervisor and was refused. Then when I insisted, the person told me that he was the supervisor. He said again to contact bank. I told him the bank couldn't help me. Then, he said to call my bank and have them contact him so the problem could be fixed. So later I called back and asked for the company address. I was refused again. I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor. Again, he refused. I can't make a complaint to the BBB because I am required to give the company address, which of course I don't have.

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