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Claire warburton's complaint against JD Sports

Claire warburton



Complaint against JD Sports

8 weeks ago I went into jd sports in hounslow with my daughter as she was going away she wanted new trainers . She picked a pair but they didn't have them in her size so I was told that they could be sent to my home a dress in two workings day with was great as she was going away in four days . I paid £60 and then £5.99 to have then sent to my home address . By the 3 day they hadn't arrived so I went into the store as I'd had been calling them for 3 and a half hours . When I arrived at the store I was met with no help given a phone number and told they couldn't help . After an hour raw with them they decided to ring the delivery sevice used by jd . And put me on the phone I asked where the trainers were they explained they had been left on my door step very unhappy I said that they had no right to do that . I was then told to vomplain to jd . I asked in the shop if they would replace the trainers and was told no . I would have to by a second pair then ring a number I had been given . I explained that my daughter was due to go away the next day . Still I was told to contact this number so after 2 days trying to contact them when I did talk I was then told a letter would be sent to me to sign it and send it back . Which after neary two weeks arrived I sent it back and that was 6 weeks ago I still have not heard a thing . I have called jd and have been told to contact a number they have given me which now I have been trying for two days . In total byeing trainers from jd had cost me £120 as I have now paid for two pairs one I have one I haven't pulse I wasn't told that the calls I had to make weren't free calls so have cost me £45 in total I have lost £170 and jd sports have been no help at all . I'm shocked at how badley I have been treated and cannot beleave I have lost so much money and no one from that company cares

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