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Amy's complaint against Purple Travel

Amy Rowbotham


Shocked at PurpleTravel customer service, ruined holiday and no one accepting liability

Complaint against Purple Travel

Phoned Purple Travel on 16th January to book our annual holiday to celebrate my mums 50th birthday. On the phone my mum explained how the year before our hotel had been over booked and we had been taken to a lower class hotel at 4am for the duration of our 2 week holiday. The Purple Travel agent assured my mum that she will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure this does not happen again. On the 30th Janaury I contacted the hotel we had booked through Purple Travel to pay for an upgrade for my mums room as it was her birthday. However the hotel told me that they did not have our reservations and to contact Purple Travel again. I then phoned Purple Travel again who told me it would be sorted as soon as possible. I then waited 2 weeks and contacted the hotel again who again informed me that they did not have the reservations from the agent. I then phoned purple travel again who told me that they do not send the names to the hotel until 5 days before the arrival date. I then phoned on Monday 18th May and the agent at Purple Travel told me they would contact their supplier and get back to me, which nobody did. So I waited until Friday 22nd May knowing they send the details 5 days in advance and again the hotel did not have any of our reservations. I phoned Purple Travel again where they told me everything would be fine. That afternoon I had a voicemail from Purple Travel stating there were changes to our flight and to call them back. So I called them back, accepted the change in times and requested them to confirm our rooms. Again I was told everything was fine but I insisted they double checked everything as the hotel still didn’t have our bookings. I then had a phone call back from Purple Travel to tell me the rooms were never booked but they could not tell me why. Now our holiday was to begin on 25th May, Purple Travel told me they would ring me on our day of departure to confirm what hotel we would go to, I asked the agent whether they would be able to find something of the same 4* standard or better at such short notice and she said they were struggling to find somewhere so she wasn’t sure if it would be the same standard. Looking online I could not see anything in 3 days time that even compared to our hotel. I phoned Purple Travel and asked for a complete refund so we could book a last minute holiday somewhere else as I could see no hotel would live up to the one we booked in Santorini. Purple Travel refused to refund the plane tickets and would only refund the hotel which left us in the same situation of staying in a lower standard hotel. After the agent again confirmed that they were struggling to find us somewhere she said she would phone me back Monday (our day of departure) to tell us where we would be staying. After sleepness nights already due to Purple Travels mistakes myself and my family didn’t know whether we could rely on them to book us somewhere else and they were leaving it too late. I asked them to refund the hotel as they couldn’t find anywhere for us. The refund of £1600 took up to 10 days which meant we applied for another credit card to book 2 rooms in a different area of Santorini at such short notice which then cost us £2000 for a lower standard hotel a car drive away from the beach. I sent my complaint to Purple Travel on the morning of 25th May and I had a response from them on 4th September implying it was my own fault for not waiting until the day of departure for them to tell me where we would be staying. I therefore waited 4 months for a company that completely ruined my holiday and my mothers 50th birthday to compose a one paragraph response which ultimately blamed me for their mistake. The lack of customer service and accountability Purple Travel have shown is worrying, I have given them several opportunities to redeem themselves however they are not interested in accepting any liability.

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