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Alycia's complaint against Cancelwizard

Alycia Oh


Cancel Wizard Is A Scam

Complaint against Cancelwizard

This company has been scamming members of the fitness center I work for into assisting them in cancelling their memberships. When searching the e-mail address in the url bar of their web browser a link pops up for Cancel Wizard to assist you in canceling your fitness membership with us. After charging a fee, they claim to have been in correspondence with our customer service department is email regarding the member’s account. There are no records of these alleged conversations and all member interactions are noted in the members account. We do not share any account information with anyone but the account holder. Cancel Wizard’s company is fraudulently obtaining personal and private information, charging fees for services not rendered. Cancel Wizard is taking advantage persons of specifically the elderly, little or no ability to speak English and those with minimal computer skills. This company is the epitome of false advertisement. Cancel Wizard is not a business of integrity but a morally bankrupt grift.

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