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johdi's complaint against John Payne

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Complaint against John Payne

It all began in April when my partner was electrocuted in the shower, we were lucky as it could have been far worse as pointed out by the contractors John Payne sent round. it had turned out the landlord had not got the proper checks in place to make sure the property was safe and john Payne had not thought of checking this before placing us in a property that was so dangerous and a massive fire hazard. whilst a contractor was round checking the issues that needed to be corrected he called one of john paynes managers who went on to insult my partner and I on the phone to a contractor calling us "horrible people" not realising that she was on loud speaker and we heard everything!!! At first we were confused as we didn't understand why we were being insulted as we felt we had been pretty calm throughout the situation and to be honest just wanted it over with asap. The flat ended up having to be completely re-wired and we had to move out of the property whilst this happened as the contractors said it was not safe to live in the property until the electrical problem was rectified as a live current was running through taps and switches hence the electrocution . we were placed in a hotel and were told we would receive a discount of rent whilst not being in the property and until the work was completed as well as being put up in the hotel until it was finished. we received a breakdown of discounts agreed and the amount the hotel cost via email. we were told the building work would be completed in 4 days and I was pleased as I had family coming to stay due to a family member being extremely ill. needless to say the work was not complete and there were holes in the wall with live wires exposed and they expected us to move back into this property, in the mean time I had to pay for my family to stay at a hotel as they could not stay at the property I was renting. I was never offered any re-imbursement for this nor was I offered any money for the property that was broken whilst builders were in the property. To top it all off once the work was complete we got a call for their operations manager explaining that we could not get a cleaner to come and clean the building mess so would have to do it ourselves and that he had made a mistake in the discount breakdown that was emailed to us and we needed to pay £400 for the hotel fees that we had to stay in as the property was deemed a danger. completely outraged by what john payne was saying we explained we would not pay this hotel charge as it was not our responsibility, to which they responded " that's ok, we will just take it out of your deposit once your tenancy ends". Obviously this whole ordeal was being highly stressful throughout the ordeal we were ignored spoken down to and insulted by various john Payne employees multiple times. we found that each of the employees would pass the blame to whoever they could and that this resulted in nothing actually being resolved. they then asked us to pay £250 more a month after the work was complete even though our tenancy stated they could only requested a raise of 1.3% per annum. we refused to pay the higher rate and was given notice after all the stress we had gone through it was almost a relief as we had received nothing but hassle for almost 3 months. now we have finally moved into a new property and cannot wait to live a hassle free life like we should have had for the last 6 months. Now we are struggling to get back the deposit we gave them. They have only just got back to us with money they want to deduct from our deposit after being out of the property for 10 days and asking john payne staff multiple times "what's happening with our deposit?". we finally received the following email outlining what they were planning to deduct from our deposit. (see below) £400.00 Outstanding Rental Payment from May 2015 (hotel charge) £120.00Replacement Mattress (Bed & Mattress have been replaced without permission the mattress does not fit the bed) WE WERE GIVEN PERMISSION BY 2 JOHN PAYNE EXECUTIVES £61.60 Minimum clean to finish off Fridge Defrosting & cleaning. WE GOT THE HOUSE PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED AND LEFT THE RECEIPT ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER AS PROOF AS REQUESTED BY JOHN PAYNE 125.00 - Scuff marks to walls (property redecorated throughout) nails in walls bedroom ledge ring marks and stains from make up - contribution to making good & painting - NAILS WERE LISTED IN THE INVENTORY ON CHEWCK IN OF THE PROPERTY AND IM PRETTY SURE GENERAL WEAR AND TEAR IS ALLOWED IN A FLAT £60.00 - Removal of rubbish & Logs from the garden - NO RUBBISH WAS KNOW OF OR LISTED IN THE INVENTORY. WHEN ASKED WHAT THEY WERE REFERRING TO THEY HAD NO ANSWER. WE SPOKE TO THE LETTINGS MANAGER REGARDING THE LOGS FOR THE WOOD BURNER AND WAS TOLD WE COULD LEAVE THEM FOR THE NEXT TENANT TO USE 1,453.85 -Total Deposit £766.60 - Total Claim £687.25- Deposit to be returned so now we are going to go through the extra hassle of disputing our deposit in order to get what is rightfully ours back which will take months. The best advise I can give is if you have an option stay away from john Payne. I would not recomnd them to anyone. Very poor experience from the start, numerous mis communications, lack of response on important issues, terrible customer service and basically a general rudeness along with a horrendous amount of lies from most staff. Inspections missed, issues not recorded correctly. if you want to live in a safe property and have a stress free life don't go near them!!

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