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Asad's complaint against Snapchat

Asad Farooq


failing to provide me a service

Complaint against Snapchat

I am really frustrated now i tried changing my number on snapchat but it wouldn't let me so then i automatically got logged out my snapchat and now i can't log back in to my snapchat, now snapchat are sending a verification code to my old number which i don't have access to, your app has problems which need sorting. Now your telling me you cant help me cos of security reasons, i can prove that the account belongs to me so why cant you help me, this is ridiculous how you cant help. Facebook is a app that needs more security but i have never experience something like this with Facebook. Snapchat twitter are refusing to help me saying for security reasons they cant send anyting other than my phone number linked to that account what i don't understand is why ask me for my email address then. i have special family who i can only contact via snapchat. That snapchat account i have was specifically for them and now it seems i'm going to lose contact with them and if you fail to help me and i lose contact with family snapchat will be made fault at this and i will be taking this further. if you cant help me then put me through to your CEO or someone that has more power than you in your hierarchy.

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