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Selam's complaint against NARS Cosmetics

Selam Yohans


Compensation and Apology

Complaint against NARS Cosmetics

I am extremely unhappy about the way I was treated initially by a NARS Cosmetics manager at John Lewis, London. My dissatisfaction later escalated when NARS complaints director promised to send me some of my favourite NARS products but in the end, she decided to go against her initial promise and only sent me 3 products. She left me confused, angry and frustrated. She has been ignoring my email since then and unfortunately my complaint is not resolved as yet and has been on going since December 2014! This is one of the emails I sent her, amongst a thread of exchange emails. She later stopped replying to my emails and decided to ignore them all together! --- I am not happy with the way my complaint has been left unresolved! I would like to speak to someone other than yourself to explain the situation to them. If you're not intending to solve my complaint then please give me an email address (and contact details) of the relevant contact/department. I.e. the appropriate complaint department. If you look at your original email, you asked me to give you the names of my favourite NARS products to send out to me. At no point did you say that you will send me a selection of what I had chosen. Further more, during our telephone conversation a few weeks back, you apologised for the length of time it's taken to deal with my complaint (outstanding since Nov 2014) and promised that all the products were going to be sent out without further delay. Your comments: "As a token of our sincere apology and appreciation, we would also like to send you a small gift of NARS products to try in the comfort of your own home. To be able to do this, could you please let us know via email your postal address and product preference." The talk of 'selected 3 products' only came after you had sent me the 3 products. You're playing games with me rather that solve the complaint! I am furious at the way you slyly sent out 3 products from the list. You were not meant to choose. You were suppose to send all the items out as initially agreed. You do not want to address the issue as you know I have a valid point. All you need to do is check your 1st email of apology and goodwill gesture. I am waiting for an email to your seniors or where I can get my complaint dealt with. Your below email does not answer my complaint, instead it attempts to threaten me! What do you mean "no other correspondent will occur this time" you haven't given me any email addresses to forward my complaint to the relevant department? Until you do, I will continue emailing NARS. --- This is the very first email I sent NARS on 21st Dec 2014 about my horrendous experience at their John Lewis Concession. Unfortunately, the first response I received from NARS was 5 months later, on 19th May 2015! --- COMPLAINT I am furious at the way the manager (Pauline) from NARS at John Lewis Oxford Circus branch dealt with my concern earlier today. In the last 2 days I spent over £200 on NARS Cosmetics as I am going on holiday tomorrow for over 3 weeks. I initially went to the store on the 10th of December and bought my Sheer Glow foundation (£31) and Laguna Illuminator (£22.50) the Lipstick in pencil form (£18). On the 17th I went back to the store again to buy Lip Liner a Lip Gloss and the special sharpener. I was served by CSR Rosie, who was helpful and helped me choose the right colour lipsticks to suit my skin tone. Unfortunately when they (NARS at John Lewis) were clearing the desk ( just before I paid) they accidently cleared away my pencil lipstick, which was purchased previously. I took it out to match it to the new lip gloss that I was buying. I only realised that I did not have my fat pencil lipstick when I got home in the evening. It was inconvenient for me to come back but I managed to finish work a little earlier than usual and I went to pick it up, they had it ready for me at the counter. Whilst there, I was tempted to buy other shades of Lipsticks and matching Lip Liners. An Italian customer service representative (I can not remember her name) helped me choose my products. At the time, she told me that here branch (John Lewis) did not have in stock the Belle Mare Lip Liner so she ordered it from the Liberty branch (also in Oxford circus) and they reserved it for me. I later learned that she made a mistake and the John Lewis branch did in fact have the Belle Mare Lip Liner, that I not knowingly bought the same day when she served me. Unfortunately I only found out when my sister went to pick up the Belle Mare that the Liberty Branch reserved for us. S he bought it on Friday and I met her on Saturday evening to collect it. When I looked it, I realised that I had 2 Belle Mare Lip Liners! Yet again I had to make another journey to NARS at Liberty for a refund as by this point I was not happy with the running up and down from one store to the next whilst I have a flight to catch in the morning hours of Tuesday 23rd. The travel fair to central London from NW10 was also very expensive! Liberty refused to give me a refund and asked me to go back to John Lewis and take the matter up with them as they were the ones who miss informed me, and it resulted to me buying the same product twice. To be fair to NARS at Liberty, they did have a ‘no refund policy’ which I later saw written on the receipt. I immediately made my way to NARS John Lewis to speak with the Italian girl who made the mistake of reserving (with NARS Liberty) the same lipstick that I bought from her. She was not in, but I explained the situation to the manager Pauline. She was rude and she embarrassed me almost immediately by repeatedly saying "it is only a Lip Liner madam." She also kept saying that it was a simple error” I know that it was a simple error, in fact I myself told her that it was a simple error and her staff were professional and helped me choose my products with care. She was the one who let them down with her rude behaviour. I am a loyal customer of NARS, and it the last 2 days alone as I mentioned on the top of this complaint I spent over £200 (please provide me with a and email to send you photos of the new products. When I kindly asked her to stop repeating that it is only a Lip Liner, she then proceeded by asking me for my receipt for a refund of the original Belle Mare Lip Liner which I purchased from John Lewis. When I gave her the receipt (please provide me with an email address where I can email you the receipt) she declined to accept it by saying it is not the correct receipt when in actual fact it was I am 100% certain that it is the correct receipt because on the 18th I was served by the Italian CSR when I bought the Lipsticks and Lip Liner in question. On the 17th I was served by Rosie when I bought the Lip Gloss and other Lip Liners. (I have pictures of all purchased products) Basically this complaint is about Pauline's poor attitude towards dealing with a simple issue of a refund. Even if the store could not refund me my lip liner, it was the way in which she spoke to me and the awful things she was saying to ridicule me in front of her staff and customers. I am a customer who repeatedly buys NARS products because they are great and as a result I completely stopped buying MAC products because in my opinion NARS cosmetics suits my skin best. This lady really angered me with how she dealt with a genuine issue of a refund/exchange. The problem arose simply because her member of staff reserved the exact same Lip Liner that I had already bought from her right that minute. Instead of Pauline acknowledging her member of staff was in the wrong and showing sympathy towards my situation of going back and forth to the store starting from the day her staff accidently packed away my fat lipstick; instead she goes on the defensive mode and repeatedly tells me that it was a simple error and its only a Lip Liner. How dare she? Whether it was a Lip Liner or a sharpener, I as a customer who was misguided and made to buy the same product twice deserved an apology or at least it was her job to deal with my problem in a much more professional manner. I would like this lady to apologise to me for the way she treated me and I would be grateful if she can be trained in how to handle situations like this in the future. If it wasn't for the lovely customer service I received from Frida at your Liberty branch I would have considered going back to being a MAC customer. Although Liberty has a none refund policy, I wasn’t upset with them at all, I left the store feeling happy and appreciative of the wonderful customer Frida and her colleague provided me. It is absolutely wrong for a customer who spends lots of money on your product regularly to be treated in the way I have been treated today. Please look into this matter and get back to me at your earliest convenience. Many thanks

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