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jake's complaint against ProShield Alarms

jake r


i worked here very hard for nearly two weeks. for which i was never paid.

Complaint against ProShield Alarms

I worked here for two weeks in December, due to unforseen circumstances I was forced to take two days off. On returning to work I was informed that the derby office has closed (Coventry still open) and that everyone had been let go. This was sad but understandable. I was assured I would be payed in full... I have called every other day for three weeks and all I get is a young girl on the phone promising me a manager will call in the next hour but I've not heard anything. I think its not only disgusting to let go of 20 staff 5 days before Christmas day but to not pay them what they are owed over the Christmas period is wrong (the owner of the business has his own helicopter... I barely survived this month) I will continue to persue what I am owed. If anyone has any contact details for any senior members please please get in touch. Lets bring these criminals to justice.

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