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Audrey's complaint against Parking Eye

Audrey Brooks-wiggins


Extortionate parking fine!

Complaint against Parking Eye

I was on business with a colleague an area we do not know we were about to have a business lunch so we pulled into the car park over the Christmas period looking for the restaurant, we realised we were in the wrong car park and proceeded to the opposite car park were we found the restaurant. Weeks passed then I find myself with a £50 fine for just going over an allocated time by a minute, of course I take this up with Parkingeye to be told my appeal is not successful at which stage I inform them I will appeal further with POPLAR. I then write to POPLAR to then be told I'm out of time I'm bemused by this as I logged this with parkingeye that I would take this further! In this period of appeal I'm hit with £85 charges. I then call parkingeye which is very difficult as they have no consumer numbers this was a customer line as I wanted to discuss why I'm hit with even more charges yes now £145 only to be told this wasn't a consumer line. Now you can feel my frustration at no point do I feel I have been fairly supported or had an adequate response to my appeal. I then get a letter from Their collecting agent!!! again I call to ask how is this charge even possible only to be told we only collect we don't discuss. All in all I'm so fed up with the lack of service that I just pay the huge fine to parkingeye. I then receive a letter from their collections to say I haven't paid which I challenged as I have the recceipt! Again I ask the collection agency to liaise with parkingeye as surely acting on their behalf your companies communicate, no we don't you are now required to submit all receipts via e-mail to ourselves! To say these companies do not communicate would be an understatement.....

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