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Glenn's complaint against Parking Eye

Glenn Payne


[RESOLVED] - Unfair and disproportionate parking fine of £120 volunteering for a kids dance show which overran.

Complaint against Parking Eye

3 part complaint. Part 1, My wife volunteered to look after small children behind the stage at a dance show at the winter gardens in Morecambe. She paid £3 for 3 hours parking for the daytime show which unfortunately overran, she couldn't leave the kids unsupervised to attend to the car, she was fined £60. On the same day she returned to the same theater and the same car park as a volunteer to look after the kids for the evening show She paid another £3 for 3 hours parking. Again the show overran and she received another £60 charge. 3 hours for each show should have been more than enough so through no fault of her own she has paid £126 to look after other people kids and to supervise and organize behind the stage so this show could actually take place. It brought hundreds of people into Morecambe, without people like her, shows like this can't take place. Second part to the complaint. The parking charges. My wife paid £6 in total for one parking space for a total of 6 hours parking on 2 separate occasions. She could have paid £5 for all day parking which would have more than covered her for the time she actually parked. She didn't do this because she knew she would need to leave the car park and return before the evening show. Because she was honest she paid £1 more than she needed to for one parking space for 1 day. Parking eye actually made more money for one space than they should actually have received so they suffered a gain and not a loss. Third part to the complaint.Parking Eyes appeals process. She appealed the £120 charge based on the points mentioned above. It was clearly stated in point 1 that she was a volunteer. Parking Eye asked for pay slips as evidence she was working at a dance show. This raised alarm bells. Why would a volunteer receive a pay slip? Parking fines are given based on loss of income. We asked parking eye to provide us a reason why they think they suffered a loss when in fact they received £1 more than they would have if my wife had paid for all day parking. We never got an answer to this question. I firmly believe that the appeal was not given the proper attention and the appeals process in not fit for purpose. It is shameful that a parking charge of £120 should be given to someone who is giving up their entire day to be an approved adult supervisor to small kids at a local dance show which brought many people into the area. She had no control over the schedule, she couldn't leave kids unsupervised to go and move the car, she was honest and paid twice for parking which was more than the charge for all day parking and parking eye think this is not grounds to approve an appeal for parking charges. This company should be embarrassed at what they have done and it needs to be highlighted. It is truly a rip off and a fine of £120 is totally disproportional to the offense committed, especially when you think that if she had parked and not paid at all and left the car there all day the charge would have been £60. How is this fair?

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Parking Eye resolved this complaint

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Glenn Payne | | VERIFIED

They cancelled the second fine, I paid for just one fine which I think is fair.
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