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Alexander Wilson's complaint against IMImobile

Alexander Wilson Lough


[LAPSED] I have been wrongfully charged.

Complaint against IMImobile

I am disabled and I was advised to get a mobile phone,i had a brain tumour operation in 2003,i use the mobile to keep in touch with my wife when I am out in the car,if my car breaks down I can call for assistance.I got a new mobile as advised in March 9th 2016 and I pay monthly the agreed sum of £12 pounds,after a while my bills had increased,on the 17th of May I was charged £57 pounds,then on the 17th of June I was charged £75 pounds,then on the 17th July I paid £37.50. I contacted EE and they said that it was not them,they said that I should contact [email protected] to try and claim my money back. My bank account is low and if this continues I won't be able to pay my bill, EE have blocked my number and I hope things are as they say,i hope you can help me I need my phone it's a necessity. Yours sincerely Alexander Lough.

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Lapsed. Alexander Wilson has not responded in 90 days

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Chris Bennett | | VERIFIED

Hi Alexander, I am the Head of Customer Service at IMImobile. We do not provide premium rate services directly, we provide a technology platform which merchants use to operate their services (free and premium). We can however assist in resolving this for you and hopefully achieving a full refund. Could you please contact me directly on [email protected] providing you mobile number.
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