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Clive's complaint against IMImobile

Clive Gardener


[LAPSED] Unsolicited and unauthorised charges

Complaint against IMImobile

It would appear that I have been charged for unsolicited texts since the beginning of the year. How and why this has happened I have no idea. I am the account holder and the mobile phone is for my Mother (who, by the way has very, very limited experience in texting) and thus in no way would have soilicited your subsequent actions. I am appalled that in this age that such unethical and immoral actions are allowed. I am outraged and now demand TOTAL refund of all charges immediately. Meanwhile I will be in contact with all the appropriate authorities in my pursuit of this claim To be clear I am seeking total refund and an end to your unthical service, DELETE me from ANY of your services / I DO NOT wish to receive any more texts from you.... EVER

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Lapsed. Clive has not responded in 90 days

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Chris Bennett | | VERIFIED

Hi, please contact us on 01494 750500 and we will resolve. We are a billing provider and our clients use our platform to operate their services. Our team will assist and liaise with any of our clients who relate to the charges on your bill. Kind regards Chris Bennett Customer Service Manager
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