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Lily's complaint against Pogo.com

Lily Foster


De-escalated case

Complaint against Pogo.com

I purchased coins to play one of the new Pogo slots games, Chuzzle. The game has a glitch where, if you get an extra bonus on the final free spin, the game freezes and you lose your coins. There are numerous posts about this issue in the forums. I had already contacted EA help twice before about one of their other games that had cheated me out of coins, but never received a satisfactory response. I contacted them again, via chat, and immediately requested a supervisor. After much back-and-forth with the EA advisor, he promised to escalate my case and stated that someone would contact me. He gave me a new case number. Several days later someone emailed me and said there was no evidence of this happening to anyone else, and there is nothing they can do. I told her about the numerous forum posts, but she said it is a glitch in my own computer. My computer is in perfect working order, as evidenced by EA's own troubleshooting page. She also told me to post on a particular forums page, because that's where they look for issues. When I posted there, I was told it is a members-only forum, and nobody from EA looks at it. I wrote back, and informed the advisor of this fact, and also provided her with links to eight (8) other topics from different people describing this same issue. I stated that my case had been escalated, but I can't get help from EA help, from an escalated case, or from the forums, and asked exactly how escalating a case helps someone. Last response was four days ago. I want a refund, which I did tell them. I have documentation of all conversations.

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Pogo.com failed to resolve this complaint

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Lily Foster | | VERIFIED

Worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Lily Foster | | VERIFIED

No response, despite case having been "elevated." Worst customer service I have ever encountered!
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