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Susan's complaint against Stockport Magistrates & County Court

Susan Mellish


Won't pay money that I won in court

Complaint against Stockport Magistrates \u0026 County Court

I won a court case and was awarded monies after paying a further £100 to use the Baliffs to get this money the court after receiving this on 12th September kept giving different excuses as to why I still have not received this money. ie not sure when next lot of cheques are due to be sent out insufficient funds in the courts bank and then told not sure when they are going to press the button Yes you heard right even I thought they were taking the piss Now they tell me it was sent out on the 10th September and I have told them still haven't got it feel this is just a waste of time and feel the staff were very rude I feel this money is not going to arrive and have resorted to this but would like my £100 court fee back as I haven't got my money they have and after paying for the sheriff's in another case only £60 I can say paid and did get my money in 14 days why is the court holding my money and won't pay me maybe I should use this excuse to pay my council tax

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Susan Mellish | | VERIFIED

Have to wait to be paid think I shouldn't have to as already waited
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