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Nicholas Michael's complaint against Microsoft

Nicholas Michael jaroszweski


Why buy anything with windows

Complaint against Microsoft

I have a bad health condition, had a kidney transplant in 2008 the meds I had to take caused massive side effects which in April 2012 caused me to have a brain haemorrhage went unconscious when I fell down fractured my skull and was found next day by my car, also had multiple bilateral contusions and traumatic haematoma, still unable to work, I am registered disabled, sometimes if I don't feel well it can be 2-3 days I don't leave the flat so I am 100% reliable on my laptop to communicate by email. I have an asus pro5kf laptop with windows 7 professional on it started playing up so badly windows and the internet etc so I contacted windows for help! they connected to my laptop and told me first that I had a virus and malware on , I have scanned many times with McAfee supplied by plusnet, nothing. I told them everything and Claire P who was chatting with told me I would have to join and pay and subscription of GBP65 a month before they would do anything!! I clarify by typing does she mean £6.50 a month or £65 a month!! £65 a month!! I am on benefits and only get only just over £400 a month and have to pay partial rent etc and buy food, MADE NO DIFFERENCE TO GET MY LAPTOP FIXED BY MICROSOFT to get rid of the virus and malware WILL COST ME £65 a month which would be £780 for a year!!!!! some Microsoft and windows!!!!!

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Nicholas Michael jaroszweski | | VERIFIED

I have got onto my email account at last to say I need to re do something NO responce

martin pound | | VERIFIED

Hi Nicholas If you have windows7 with SP1 you are entitled to a free upgrade to Microsofts windows10 available from the 1st of August 2015. Keep an eye on your task bar for notification. You should be able to carry out a clean install that will remove any problems you are currently suffering from on your laptop. Check compatibility to make sure your laptop can support windows10 Ensure you backup any data you wish to keep. Most reputable computer stores can carry this out for you for a small fee.

Nicholas Michael jaroszweski | | VERIFIED

I waited nearly two hours and all I got due to poor performance as I have said awaiting company responce

Nicholas Michael jaroszweski | | VERIFIED

has anyone read this and is anything going to be done
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