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Gareth's complaint against Nationwide

Gareth Luscombe


Social Media- fail to do as said

Complaint against Nationwide

On 10th August I replied on Twitter to a followers retweet of Graham Beale. Nationwide Press Office Twitter account responded explaining how they are different from banks as they don't have share holders. However in 2013 Nationwide raised £500m by selling Core Capital Deferred Shares exclusively to the city. I therefore challenged their statement and asked them how they can claim "such nonsense" when the CCDSs exist. As a life long customer I am told I am a mutual 'owner' and the business is run for my benefit. Graham Beale was asking for NBS to be exempt from a banking tax due to their mutual statues. However they are able to sell off an equal mutual status to a non retail customers for a 10.25% return. I merely want to know how this can fit in with their mutual status. For asking this I was blocked by the press office and Graham Beale Twitter accounts without reply or explanation. I then asked @AskNationwide why I was blocked. They then in turn blocked me. I then screen shorted this and showed my followers. I was then unblocked by @AskNationwide when, Jackie, asked if she could arrange someone to call me. I declined and said I would like an answer through Twitter. (If there is nothing to hide then I would like a Twitter response to a Twitter query). Jackie then said she understood and would investigate. The next morning somebody from the @AskNationwide Twitter team retweeted a critical tweet I'd sent of being blocked by the nationwide Press Office account. Other Twitter users quickly pointed out what they had done callin it an 'own goal' and asking 'why are you retweeting this?' Some found it amusing and retweeted it as a Twitter fail. I quoted and retweeted with the comment "somebody needs some social media training!" When I then checked the @AskNationwide account next I had been blocked again. So I had been blocked for querying CCDSs. Unblocked and told I'd be helped and then blocked again. I didn't ask them to retweet my critical tweet. I feel I have a right to ask questions of my mutual building society and therefore I have a right to be critical that they blocked me for asking questions. I was then even further critical when @AskNationwide blocked me as that meant I wasn't able to ask questions or receive Twitter customer service. ( I have used @AskNationwide as a customer and directed people there for help. ) I am now left in a situation where I feel the building society I mutually have a share in is not serving my needs or being open and transparent. I am being denied access to an online service that I use and is available 24/7. I feel they are falsely advertising to me as the Twitter service is not available to me as a customer 24/7. They are falsely advertising to be on my side and they are falsely claiming to be different from the banks. They are not transparent and practice in secrecy and will shut down anyone who dares to ask them a difficult question. I am not happy or impressed with their mentality, actions or customer service. I would in fact go as far as they are showing themselves to be as corrupt and fraudulent as all the major banks have been. I consequently have lost faith in them and believe they will exploit anyone for profit and gain. I am exasperated beyond understanding. Gareth Luscombe

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