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Susan's complaint against npower

Susan Alexander


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Complaint against npower

Back 12-18 months ago Npower had a problem with billing their customers and it was 9 months before we received a bill. When it did come to our horror it was for £1,286.00 being on a low wage we told them we were unable to pay that and asked that we be given a pre payment key meter so we could pay for the electric as we used it and we would never be in this position again. It was agreed they would take £10.00 a week out for repayment of the outstanding debt. On the 28/8/2015 I went online to my Npower account where it said there was a meter reading required and it showed a Debt owing of £260.55 I thought that was good that the debt had gone down that much and hoped to clear it before the winter months set in. However on the 8/9/2015 I received an email saying my bill was ready and to my Horror they say we now have a bill of £742.95????? Plus the £260.55 gives us a total of £1,003.50 as you can imagine I am NOT HAPPY I was under the impression I was already paying via the key for electric I was using - am I wrong in thinking this? and should have had a statement showing what has been paid off the original Debt and what is still owning. My husband has tonight tried explaining this to them and all they can offer is to reduce our £10.00 debt repayment to £6.00 a week. What they are failing to see is that we shouldn't of been billed the £742.95 when we are paying by key for our electric each month. Please would you be kind enough to advise us how to proceed further with this matter. Yours sincerely Susan Alexander

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