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Stacey's complaint against npower

Stacey markham


My gas was caped due to old tenant not paying a bill

Complaint against npower

I recently moved into a new property, with my husband 19 month old daughter and my 15 year old disabled sister who came to live with me following our mothers death, I went out and came back on the 4-10-2015 to come home tog has being caped and pre paid meters put on my gas and electric I called the number on the letter that was pushed underneath my front door I was told someone would be out within 4 hours to uncap my gas. No one came we called again the same night to be told our request had not been put on the system so someone would be out again with in 4 hours. Still no one came by this time it was 11pm my daughter was recovering from a chest infection we had to go out and buy tempory heaters to keep our home warm. I waited until the next morning still nooone had been out, I called yet again to be told again out request had not been put on the system and again someone would be out In 4 hours and still no one came my cooker is has so was unable to cook meals and was still without heating someone eventually came out after 3 more phone calls at 4pm, my gas was uncapped and they credit my meter with £10 gas and &25 electric I had no keys or cards to obtain anymore has and the previous debt from the previous tenant was left on my meter I again called back npower and was told the debt wouldn't be taken of until I proved I was a new tenant I sent an email with my tenancy agreement to prove this and still nothing was done, on Monday neatly a week past I rang again and was able to obtain has and electric cards only to find out when I went to collect them the numbers they had given me in order to collect my gas and electric keys we're ring again I called npower they assured me they we're correct I walked back to the shop to try again and still nothing I have no gas and I am unable to usey cooker. I am really disappointed that this was so difficult the debt outstanding was none I my doing an yet my family has had to suffer and financially we have to buy heaters and take away food on order to keeps children wa and fed and to me this is disgusting this should of been sorted from the first phone call instead I have had to call npower numerous times and yet I still have no gas. I would like to think something would be done about this as I nog happy with the service provided.

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