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Julia's complaint against npower

Julia Day


Npower Billing Fiasco and Financial Chaos

Complaint against npower

Following npower replacing a pre-payment meter with a standard meter in September 2013 npower failed to register the meter until May 2015 despite repeated requests and npower now acknowledge this was their error. I was renovating the property and not living there and consequently little utilities were being used. When I moved into the property in March 2015 I naturally applied more pressure on npower to register the meters. When finally registered npower could not reconcile bills for the 2 properties and every time I called I received conflicting information relating to amounts on my account leading to me raising an official complaint. The complaints investigation was completed and I was advised that there was a significant credit on my old property due to over payments and a debit on the new property I had been renovating and the final findings of the investigation was that I was due a credit of £580 which would be sent to me as a cheque. The cheque did not arrive and after 2 weeks I called npower to request an update and was advised that the system confirmed that a cheque was being issued but had not been sent yet. After a further 2 weeks I called for a status update and was advised that I owed £2,700.35. I stated that the findings of the official complaints investigation had concluded that I was owed £580,. npowers response was simply that this must have been a mistake and refused to transfer me to the advisor whom had been handling my complaints investigation. Despite repeated conversations and further complaints npower is simply stating that the decision of their own complaints investigation that was advised to me was a mistake. Consequently npower is still demanding £2,700.35 and is now issuing demands stating that a debt collection agent will be appointed unless I pay within 7 days and any associated costs will be added to my account. npower have now issued a deadlock letter stating their decision is final. npower have also now debited £521.13 from my account without any authorisation or notification and insist this relates to a bill they have issued but that I have never received. npower have also cancelled the monthly direct debit of £115/month that was set-up for ongoing usage and are stating it was my bank that performed the cancellation, a claim my bank categorically deny and advise it was npower that cancelled it. npower has stated it will raise a new complaint regarding my dissatisfaction that the amount of £521.13 has been taken from my account without notice, however npower has also stated it has 28 days to respond to my complaint. In the meantime they have £521.13 of my money, maintain I owe in excess of £2,000 and are threatening to appoint a debt collection agency. All this is despite an npower complaints investigation concluding that I am owed £580. npower is completely incompetent due to the newly commissioned billing system which both Ofgem and The Citizens Advice service have criticised and stated that billing and customer service standards are unacceptable and the situation is causing chaos to customers finances. Today I have spent 2 hours speaking with npower and the representative was adamant that the npower system has no record that a deadlock letter has been issued to me, quoted an amount due as being different to that detailed on the deadlock letter received, referenced bills I have never received or that show on my online account and maintained that the debit of £521.13 was a legitimate debit. This situation is deplorable and nPower has acted in a disgraceful manner with behaviour that can only be described as intimidating, harassing and bullying.

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