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They are not user friendly

Complaint against O2

I needed to cancel my mother's account as she asked me to as she is not very good at dealing with things like that. Trying to get information from the website is not easy. The website is not user friendly. I spent far too long trying to find a phone number to speak to an actual human being. When I eventually did find a phone number I had a wait time over 30 minutes to speak to someone. I do not have time to spend 30 minutes on hold only to be told that I was unable to cancel my mum's account!!! Get more staff in so the wait times are less. There's enough unemployment around and 02 can easily afford to pay people due to the rip off prices you charge your customers. Then you wonder why people want to cancel their contract. Your service is crap. The only reason I am still with 02 is because it's the only network where I can get signal which doesn't say much for other providers

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