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Andrea's complaint against 24Hour Lock Solutions

Andrea Price


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Complaint against 24Hour Lock Solutions

I live in a shared house and in November 2014 someone stole almost £300 from drawers in my bedroom. I called the police who also sent a scene of crime officer but the SOCO said the wood of the drawers wasn't good for taking fingerprints. I then googled for a locksmith and 24 HR LOCK SOLUTIONS LTD came up and I decided to use them because their ad said they did a lot of work for the police. On the phone I explained to the company what had happened and that I wanted locks on 5 doors. They gave me a price of £300.One of the bosses came round on 25/11/14, saw what work had to be done and said it would cost another £100 because he had to get special Victorian locks. I gave him the £300 I had withdrawn. He sent his apprentice round in the evening of 26/11/14. I paid the apprentice the extra £100 (£400 in total) . I know nothing about locks which is why I employed a locksmith. The next day, everyone in the house realised that the apprentice had put locks on the door that only locked from inside the rooms!!! I rang the company and explained. They sent the apprentice round again to put things right but I couldn't be at home when he came.(Mid-December) Some time after this second visit the members of the house realised that all our keys opened other people's rooms. Again the company sent the apprentice round (about 20th December) and I was not in as I had gone home for the Christmas holidays. He put a new lock on for me at the top of a 6 foot six inch door!!! I am 5 foot-Useless positioning!!! and changed other locks.The doors locked, however in June 2015 one of the housemates told me that his lock had never worked and that his key opened another bedroom. I messaged and rang the company and they said they'd get back to me. I have been away for the summer but decided to get the problem finally sorted and rang and messaged on 2/9/15 and 16/9/15. From 16/9/15 the locksmith has only put the phone down on me and not replied to my texts. I am now a year older and wiser and have just discovered that the special Victorian locks that I had to pay an extra £100 are on sale in Wickes for £14.99 and I and another housemate have easily replaced and fixed the locks ourselves.

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