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Dianne's complaint against MCE Insurance

Dianne Coverdale


Refusal to instruct repairer

Complaint against MCE Insurance

I was involved in a motor accident over one month ago and MCE have refused to instruct a repairer. Both the garage to which they had the car transported and myself have made numerous phone calls to MCE to be told a string of different reasons as to why, although the repairs have been agreed, no formal authority has been given for the work to be undertaken. The string of different reasons include: they have not received the necessary documents; they have lost the necessary documents; the car is not with an authorised dealer - the dealer they sent it to and who believes himself to be an authorised dealer - they now have to find out who sent the car to the dealer before they can action repairs, and so on. If pressed on any point MCE simply put the phone down, doubtless counting on the fact that, having sat on the phone getting through to them for up to 45 minutes, this will be the end of the conversation. This has to be company policy or it would not be a technique used by a number of call handlers. MCE have also said that they cannot phone customers back with information as they are 'far too busy'. E-mails are simply ignored. The garage have told me that even once authority is given, it will be at least 2 weeks before the car will be ready - a conservative estimate of 2 months without the vehicle - and as there seems to be no end to this in sight, possibly longer.

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