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Laura's complaint against World Stores



Failed delivery on 3 occasions, poor customer service

Complaint against World Stores

We are severely unimpressed with the service this company has (or more hasnt) provided for us. We have been charged for Saturday delivery. We were then told it would not arrive on saturday but Monday - which was already irritating. We changed our plans around this and then on Saturday, without warning (no call beforehand), you tried to deliver the beds which then couldnt be done. We then called you to try and organise for the beds to be redelivered the same day. We were told this might be possible and subsequently spent most of the day on the phone to you trying to track down our order, which never came. The delivery driver told me he would put in for it to be redelivered Monday. Common sense would suggest that the best thing then to do would be for the beds to be delivered at the soonest possible time after this, today. Then today we are told that because YOU didnt organise yourself (see courtneys email in this thread) that we would not receive our beds until tomorrow - after taking a day off of work to wait in for them. This is completely unacceptable and has been more than just an "inconvenience" to us. We have been told today (after hours of waiting on hold after being cut off 5 times) that our order would be the first to be delivered tomorrow morning. Once again i have organised to stay in during the morning to wait for them (to the annoyance of my place of work), yet again inconveniencing your customer. These beds absolutely must be a priority tomorrow given this frankly shoddy service or we will be plastering this email all over the internet. Please can you also see the £55 in total that we have paid for delivery refunded (£25 for normal plus £30 for saturday). We should also be compensated in some way for the dreadful service we have received. We paid your company good money for our items and with some simple customer service and an ounce of common sense, this could have been avoided. So another mess up today. After being promised that we would have our order this morning, it turns out our order wasn't even on the truck after spending ANOTHER morning taken off of work. We have been told we will be fully refunded for delivery costs (£55) and given a 10% refund on overall charges for this mess. The guy told me he would put the order through again and re-send us a new confirmation. Please can you see that this has been done and send us a new confirmation email.

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