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Laura's review of Tempest Photography

Laura Bowie


Bad experience this time round...

Review of Tempest Photography

I decided to buy a long, whole class photo from Tempest through my child's school. I was reluctant to pay the price of a framed one, as pennies are tight and this was an extra photo through the year, so settled on an unframed picture with a couple of small prints aswell. For the first time ever, i actually organised myself to get the order form back to the school on time (Yay! Go me). This was the first time i had chosen to write my bank details down on the form rather than pay with cash. When everyone else was receiving their lovely pictures, mine had not worked? There was no actual reason given as to why it had not worked. When I phoned, I was told I had "maybe entered an incorrect digit" and that I would now have to pay extra for postage if I wanted to receive the picture. I was not impressed, especially since they provided no proof (and this had been an extra spend for me). It worries me how many people they have gotten to pay extra this way.. Plus, when I got my photos back, the small prints were literally too small to make out any of the kids faces (and my eyes work fine). The large print was lovely though. I have bought from tempest before and been very happy with what I have received. However, I was extremely disappointed at their service this time, and I am unsure as to whether I will buy from them again next year.

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