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Lynsey's complaint against Tempest Photography

Lynsey Christie


No patience whatsoever

Complaint against Tempest Photography

I have twins at 4 years old 3 year old who has communication problems and a 1 year old Went for nursery photos to the school and the woman who was taking the photos was rude and impatient. Now dealing with children is difficult but surely in a job like that she should be more patient No natural photos were taken just used my children as stick men and put them in awkward positions where they were uncomfortable and began to decline on what she wanted them to do with is a natural response from young children Eventually after 3 family photos she removed my 2 youngest to deal with the more cooperative ones. There fore they missed out on a photo opertunity She was extremely rude asking why they won't sit to my reply was they are only young what do you expect I continued to say are these going on your wall no so can you just take some pictures as natural as you can I don't want fake smiles I wanted pictures of my babies last years at nursery Absolutely rediculous Never again And it took all my strength not to drab the woman outside No impressed one bit

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