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steven's complaint against Tempest Photography

steven mcgrath


Shocking Company - DO NOT USE!!

Complaint against Tempest Photography

I received my child's Primary 6 school Group photo today done in a Panoramic layout. I have received 5 similar products from Tempest over the past 9 years for both my children. The previous photos, whilst nothing special and on a white background, were provided on the same layout and design. They hang as a column on our wall. Imagine therefore my annoyance when the new photo arrived and there were 2 large BLUE shaded areas at top left and bottom right of the photo with Tempest's name emblazoned on it. Clearly an attempt at free advertising on a photo that should have nothing on it other than the children themselves I called Tempest and received the expected response ie "that's all we do therefore there is nothing more we can do about it!" Really poor The problem with Tempest is that they have the lion's share of providing child school photographs. That means that they can provide a poor service and get away with it time and time again. Parents have little option if they wish a group photo other than to go along with the school's recommended photographers ie mostly Tempest MY ADVICE TO ALL PARENTS IS......STAY WELL AWAY FROM TEMPEST!!! I appreciate that this is hard when you are wanting a group photo.....but if you want a single portrait, USE A LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER. Tell them that you want a few photos only of your children. They will usually work out similar price to Tempest and, in almost all cases, will be a much better quality and also bespoke to you and your children

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