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Sherine's complaint against Hotel Med Playa Piramide

Sherine Parry


Management issues

Complaint against Hotel Med Playa Piramide

Had my handbag stolen in hotel restaurant on 20th sept at breakfast , only person to have it was on next table as there was no walkway between our tables , our table always occupied by one of 3 of us , reported to hotel staff , who went to ask person if they saw an incident happen , obviously said no , was on holiday with my brother and sister in law , the receptionist turned computer to myself to put fill in what I had stolen for police attention , waited in reception for police to come , manager took me into his office to ask what happened , said I needed proof , didn't have it , my bag was picked up with baby changing bag on next table , as I remember seeing it , got to have been dragged from table to be picked up , said that wasn't good enough , was smirking at me , he went out of room only to come back with my hotel voucher , unknown to me , said I was room only , I asked if I could phone Alpharooms which I booked through , said I would have to pay for call , still smirking !!! Waited over 3 hrs at reception for police , only to be told they hadn't phoned them , only emailed them , a kind lady who was all inclusive , brought me a bottle of water and my sister in law a cup of orange , manager came over to say she couldn't do that , he didn't offer us a drink in all that time , he was told by a business man that wasn't the way to treat a victim at the hotel , police eventually came , all 6 of them !!! Manager obviously speaking to them in Spanish , , felt like a criminal , I bought myself a designer bag before I went on holiday , manager asked why I would take an expensive bag on holiday , nothing to do with him !!! Told him I had essential medication in my bag to which he replied , do you need a Dr , he smirked most of the time , police said they would visit hotel next morn for me to sign papers , we got back to hotel , as I went to toilet , my sister in law said to manager , if we were German or Russian we would have been treated better but we were English , to which he replied , I worked in England for 3 years and , no , I don't like the English !!!! Words were spreading through hotel , he chose a few to say , not to listen to me about having my bag stolen , it was a scam , that I wanted pity and hope people would feel sorry for me and give me money , how dare he !!!!!! He said he looked at cctv within the hotel , which took him all of 5 min . Went to restaurant that evening , restaurant manager came over to ask for card to enter , first time in 6 days , said he didn't know if I was room only or half board , manager , whose name was David , appeared from nowhere , asked me to leave the restaurant , I sat outside sobbing my heart out , was speaking with my son on my iPad who was looking for a flight to get me out of there , I went into restaurant to tell my brother and his wife that I wasn't to eat in there , as I was sitting outside the restaurant I saw the manager meet one of the girls that I knew had taken my bag , at the top of the steps , they were exchanging words , not knowing I was sitting there , looked very friendly to me , I had email from Alpharooms to say I only booked room only which was a mistake I made . I decided to visit the room of the two girls who w, my brother and his wife as well as myself knew no one else could have taken it , only to find out they had left , as a manager of hotel , his attitude was appalling !!!!!! Hotel was clean , food was good , just needs new manager

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