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Lauren's complaint against InsureandGo

Lauren Cockburn


Lack of cover, leaving travellers vulnerable when they are on holiday.

Complaint against InsureandGo

Following the volcano eruption on the island Java, Indonesia. All flights out of Bali were cancelled. We had an epic trip from Bali to Jakarta via bus, ferry, flight from Serabaya, taxi, which took a total of 2 days. This was all so we could catch a delayed flight back to the uk from Jakarta. I sent my claim form off, and received no reply for months. I contacted the company who said they would be making no payment because of the 11 specific reasons in their policy. When I closely reviewed the 11 reasons, not one of them covers travellers for any cover whilst they are away on holiday and there are additional issues. 2 out of the 11 reasons refer to a fire at your home, 2 for becoming pregnant, 1 for falling ill, attending court, incident in your car, made redundant, or you are a police officer needed for an investigation. When I discussed with insure and go, I questioned what cover they do provide for incidents that occur whilst on holiday? They were unable to reply. I asked what cover would help people like the Tunisia victims. No response. I am still awaiting a response regarding the appeal. I wanted to share this information as I feel insure and go leave there customers vulnerable whilst away on their holiday. What is the point in insurance if they can't protect you whilst you are away from the uk? When we returned from our

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Sandra A Spokesman Said | | VERIFIED

Hi Lauren , it seems quite shocking! And you have a good point! We use publicity to pressure companies for a resolution! You can help us by sharing your complaint on Facebook! Get some support from your friends by asking them to share it too or by clicking "support" on the top of your complaint ;)
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