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Debra's complaint against Revolve Connections

Debra Hutchinson


Getting a copy of a disc of photographs

Complaint against Revolve Connections

Had a photo shoot done in August 2016 at Revolve Studios in Cardiff within House of Fraser department studio. Received one disc of images taken at the photo shoot and was told that if anything happened to the disc I could get a replacement by phoning up. I contacted revolve studios before christmas and left a message regarding my disc being damaged in a house fire. I was contacted back after leaving another message on the 2nd January 2017 to be informed that unfortunately there were no copies of my photographs so I couldn't have a disc to replace the one that had been damaged in the fire at my property. I am really unhappy with this as the photos were of myself and my daughter as a present off my daughter for Christmas. I no longer have any images now. I think to be honest giving people the wrong information and still collecting payment is totally out of order.

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Diane Dickens | | VERIFIED

We cant keep images due to GDPR data protection law. Our terms and conditions clearly say that images are only available to be purchased on the day and are kept for 24 hours before being removed. Why didn't you make a back up copy as we advised you to? To leave a one star review because you had a house fire is ridiculous
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