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Samantha's complaint against Revolve Connections

Samantha Haggett


Terrible Experience

Complaint against Revolve Connections

Me and my friend visited Revolve Photography studio on 8th Jan 2017. I'd seen the advert on Facebook and I'd thought it would be a great experience to try to help boost my self esteem as I have recently suffered with anxiety and depression. The package that I was offered was as follows: "Free Half Day Medi-Spa Experience, worth £299, for two people includes Luxury Hand Massage PLUS an Express Facial AND Dry Hair Styling, Professional Make-Up in the Beauty Salon, an hour in the Studio with the Professional Photographer, Bubbly & Drinks on arrival, Afternoon Tea and a FREE photo. This genuine Free Offer is part of a Special Marketing Campaign and can be booked now, with no strings attached, to be taken within 90 days at this Award-Winning Spa & Studios in Cheltenham." Firstly on arrival, the receptionist was welcoming and friendly. I had my make up done first whilst my friend had her hair done. The look I asked for wasn't what I wanted, the make up lady did not ask me if I was happy with the look, as I wanted eyeliner too, as I thought it would finish the look. Instead of asking me if I was happy she walked away and went to talk to the girl in booth. I liked my hair and the hairdresser was very good. However, both girls lacked communication and I really struggled to have a conversation with them. I find that this would've made the experience more enjoyable and would have relaxed both me and my friend. We were supposed to get a hand massage and facial, which we did not receive. We then went into the photo "studio". This is a room that did not have a separate space for changing and we did not have privacy to even get changed. The photographer made me change outfits whilst she was talking pictures of my other friend. This made me feel uncomfortable as I am very self conscious about my image and privacy would've been nice. We then had afternoon tea- This was served to us on dirty wet plates, that had clearly just been quickly rinsed from the previous people. We had half a sandwich each and 5 cakes we presented - three of which were stale. We then went into the viewing room. I personally did not like any of the photos of myself, every image was unflattering and awkward. My friend did however have a lovely image taken, that she was thinking of purchasing. After the viewing we discussed with the girl and we decided that we would go out for a breath of fresh and have a think about the prices and if we wanted to buy any. The girl in the room said that was absolutely fine and if possible could we come back by 3:30, our train home wasn't until 6pm so this was not an issue for us. However after 5 minutes of leaving the studio I received a phone call from the photographer who was aggressive and rude. She firstly asked me if we were happy with the photos that we taken, which we said we were (as my friend liked a few of hers). She then informed me that we weren't allowed to leave the studio and come back. I told her that the girl in the viewing room had told us that this was not a problem to think about this and come back. She then told me that the girl in the viewing room was new and wasn't aware of their process. This of course was an error on you because if we were told that we weren't allowed to go and think about it then we wouldn't have left in the first place. I wanted to come back as we were still entitled to our free photo regardless. The photographer then took an extremely aggressive tone with me and stated that she thought we weren't even going to come back, and she made that opinion based on nothing. She then went on to threaten that if I didn't come back then I would not get my deposit back and they would have to say that we didn't turn up. I then informed her that due to her attitude and rudeness that after the way that she had just spoken to me that I would not be coming back because she did not deserve our custom. She then said something rude then hung up on me. Last night I received a text saying that we did not attend the shoot. I have been in contact with the company several times as they have now charged me £50 for my non attenance. It is absolutely ludicrous. i intend to keep fighting until I get an apology and my money back.

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Diane Dickens | | VERIFIED

You've got us nixed up with a different company called ALL YOUR LIFE which offers half day spas. We're not a spa, we're a photographic makeover studio.
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