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Ann's complaint against Travelodge

Ann Allan



Complaint against Travelodge

As I was to work at Pinewood studios recently I tried to book a room by phone as I found the onlline booking irritating. A young man ansered the phone, he had a forgeign accent and his whole conversation was so rushed especially when giving his spiel.I asked him to slow down a few times so that I could be clear on conditions etc and booked two nights being 24th and 25th August. I was charged £137.80which included breakfast. thewhole process was so difficult as I couldnt understand what he was saying a lot of the time but we managed to confirm the dates and the price. Apart form that it was a gabble from him. On the 2lst of August when we had been filming at Ely in Cambridge, we were told that we would not be needed until the 27th of August, filming in Southwark. I phoned to cancell very early on the 22nd being a Saturday as it was a very long 12 hour filming on the Friday andI was tired so rang immediatley the nect morning to cancel. I was informed that I could not cancel as it was a "Special RAte/" and the condition were that I could not cancel. At no time was I awware of a special rate as all I wanted was a room at the usual price, the phrase Special Rate was never mentioned in this young mans converation which was so fast and altho I speak good England an AM English, he had trouble???? At no time did I ask for a special rate as I am fortunately able to pay the full rate as I have stayed there once before when filming at Pinewood. I wrote a long explanatory letter to Travelodge as I left no room for misunderstanding. As far as I ama concerned, I had no contract with any special rate and feel this is just a 'sharp practice' I would point out that I am a published writer of many years and am fit and still working.KIndly help me. I wrote saying that if they are providing a service in this country then they should employ people who understand English and not to speed through their written text as though bored. Thank you..

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