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Jon's complaint against Spotify

Jon Schofield


Spotify cancellation

Complaint against Spotify

I joined up for a premium membership 2 years ago and after the offer of 3 months free I decided to cancel. I even sent an email asking them to cancel as well as the official cancellation process. Spotify continued to take money from PayPal till last August without me realising and alerting them, after which I thought it had been sorted . Last month I realised they were still taking monthly payments so I complained again. I alerted Spotify again and after trying to offer me the last payment of £9.99 and telling me it’s great news I kept on and got another 8 payments dating back to August of last year and 5 payment for which we found out I’d been double charged. There is no phone number to ring and when they reply by email they are very patronising saying things like “thanks for reaching out”and hey man that’s not cool to be charged for something you haven’t used , let’s take a look backstage, before refusing my refund. They are trying to say it’s because of a mix up with email addresses but they know I cancelled, they can see I stopped using it when I cancelled and I have email proof. I have told them I’ll never stop campaigning for justice (it’s more about what they’ve done than the money). I heave emailed and tweeted many times a day since. Thank you for listening.

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