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Stephen's complaint against RokFri

Stephen Nuttall


Over priced

Complaint against RokFri

My late Farther was charged £50 a month for E-cig Nicatine juice and the bottle of Nicatine juice was half the size of eny shops and online shop and online orders for places such as amazon and eBay the bottles are double the size and 5 times as cheap Rokfri refused to cancel his order and kept charging him £50 a month even making him starve to pay them one month and my late Farther had a break down and it ended his life and they took another month's money even after his passing and then phoned his mobile to say they will keep taking money out of his bank account even after I had told them about his passing to torment the family I called them sick over the phone they have no respect for a greaving family at a very hard time and they should be closed down as a result they even demanded the batterys and charger back after his passing I told them if they want them back come and collect so the family can tell them in person how evil we think they are if I was a smoker I would never do business with Rokfri never in a billion years

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