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Kerrie's complaint against L&J CRB

Kerrie Milne


we needed single storey extension to cater for disabled sons needs. Builder left us with mess

Complaint against L\u0026J CRB

Our son Cooper was born in April 2013 along with his twin brother Lucas. Cooper has hydrocephalus and has a vp shunt in his brain to drain fluid and relieve pressure. He has also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. we are now in a situation where we had paid a builder  £15,500 to build a single storey extension to be able to use this equipment and cater for all Cooper's physiotherapy needs, but he has left us with a build which is unsafe and unhabitable.  We had asked for the floor to be level with the house to enable wheelchair access.  Instead he has left us with inadequate steps which are even too narrow to pass building standards.  The electrics he put in have been condemned by a qualified electrician and had to be cut off so we limit risk of a fire starting or someone being electocuted.  The builder didn't put lintels above the window and the door he put in, so now the ceiling starting to dip down.  He hasn't insulated anywhere and on top of this he wasn't working from plans. There are so many problems we have been advised by an architect to demolish it and start again.   We can't afford to do this. My fiance works full time and I had to give up work to become a full time carer for Cooper.  We had even used Coopers disability money for this build as it was something to benefit him and improve his quality of life.  Im so sad to say, the builder knew this and knew of Cooper's disability.  

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