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Roseanne's complaint against The Cheap Laptop Company

Roseanne James


A few months of owning a purchaed laptop & there are 4 faults on it.

Complaint against The Cheap Laptop Company

I bought this laptop in March & I researched very carefully what I wanted as I'd been robbed with a malfunctioning laptop the year before. So that was £130 down the drain & I don't have a lot of money as it is. So this time I wanted 12 month warranty on it & I really searched thoroughly for it & was so pleased to find it with this company. When the laptop started to malfunction I was thinking how fortunate I was to have made sure I had a warranty on it. These are the problems: 1) the CD ROM drive although working is not being recognised by the system so I can't do ANYthing with it 2) the screen is flickering all the time 3) there is also now a red striped flickering bar at the bottom of the screen 4) when trying to watch a film online the sound is so low I can barely hear what is being said & it's frustrating. I've tried downloading drivers for the CD drive (which I think is all it is) but without success. I've also looked up the flickering screen without success. But if they had only worked with me I would probably have been able to fix it on my own as I know how to change a broken screen & this could well be nothing but a loose wire or something. But I would prefer to just exchange it now as I've lost faith with it. Incidentally I had a few problems with another laptop they sent & they exchanged that one which I was glad to do as there was a lot of muck under all the keys.When buying a refurbished laptop I would have thought a clean keyboard would be high on the refurbishers list of priorities. I mean if they can't be bothered to clean the keyboard then how can they be considered reliable with the rest of the refurbishment? I've since had a look online for other complaints & there seem to be quite a few people having the same problem. i.e. refusing to reply to emails & the phone line not being a valid contact number. Someone else suggested contacting Paypal as he reckoned they are afraid of Paypal so that's next on my strategy list.

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They won't respond bevaaoe they don't care.
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