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Matthew's complaint against NH Hotel Group

Matthew Lynch


I went on holiday and suffered a horrendous experience with the hotel.

Complaint against NH Hotel Group

This was what was put on the trip advisor review. As part of a wedding party we booked our stay months back for a standard room, upon arrival all seemed well as we were greeted with cava and smiles. That's where our good experience with The Hesperia ended. Once our bags were collected and transported to the room we were shown into a family room, complete with a tent and children's paraphernalia everywhere. Imagine not being informed of this prior to being shown into the room if you were escaping a tragedy at home. This could have been sorted right away if we had been informed at reception. We complained and had to drag our own bags halfway round the hotel to the lobby without help and shown to our room. Here's a list of issues we had, remember this is supposed to be 5 Star and regardless of what you think of Spanish 5 stars, if it's 5 star you expect a level of service: We stayed in room 446 for reference No kettle/drink making facilities. This would normally be fine for 3 even 4 star but 5 star? Not good enough. The same goes for an iron, or lack of. Our rooms wasn't cleaned once. We had our beds changed and towels but the room wasn't CLEANED once. The Aircon just didn't work. We were given all sorts of excuses from the door not being tight enough to the warm weather(!) but it was hotter in the rooms than outside. The minibar cupboard door was hanging off the hinges. Also the minibar wasn’t restocked once in the whole 9 days which is great when you need water, though it was irrelevant in a way as the minibar wasn't cold. The rooms walls are paper thin, you could hear conversations in the room next door and the lovely sound of people singing in the shower…. As for the shower, ours contained rust which was lovely. Water pressure is very good though. The beds although very comfortable were incredibly squeaky, which could be embarrassing given the paper thin walls. Two of our plug sockets didn't work. The Wifi of which they advertise in all the rooms and lobby didn't work. At all. It wasn't that it was slow, you couldn't even pick it up and connect. if you advertise wifi for the rooms you should deliver. We ended spending £50 on data covering checking emails. Room service was vomit inducing. It was like leftovers from the buffet. Cockroaches in restaurant, round the pool and public toilet. Seating at breakfast was terribly organised which is a shame as the buffet was probably the best thing about the hotel. Drago Pool bar only open at 11am, despite sunbeds being fully occupied from 9am which means you sit there for 2 hours without being able to get a drink. Also don't always expect a cold bottle and if you ask for one expect a very stern and aggressive response. We found the Pool being cleaned with chemicals in the middle of the day, with people in it. Which is disgusting as well as dangerous. (see picture) My mp3 player was stolen from around the pool, when I informed the reception they accused fellow guests of taking it without knowing any details. Dangerous broken surfaces all around the complex, we saw some very old people staying at the hotel and it could be incredibly dangerous. (see picture) General upkeep was poor - stained sofas out side, as mentioned before broken tiles, paint chipped, grubby walls etc. Looking seriously tired. A pile of vomit was left in a public shower from a wedding the night before and left to fester despite staff being told. It wasn't cleaned up until late afternoon so an evening and day in the sun made for a great smell and sight. Housekeeper came after midday everyday apart from check out day - had someone knock on the door 3 times from 8.30 am onwards, including one walking in on us whilst one of us had just got out the shower. Taxi system caused some arguments with fellow guests. Had to pay for water at lunch that we paid 16 euros each for, not to have at least water included in that price is pretty shocking when we were then charged 8 euros for the bottle of water! Broken sunbeds and not allowed sunbeds in the pool as advertised Generally the attitude of the Staff was terrible. Everything was a 'no' or 'impossible' and we were spoken to so rudely especially on reception - general bad service, didn't want to help at all. After a while just stopped going there to complain Customer service was bad. I could list more from the other people we stayed with including the people getting married not getting assigned a room upon arrival! I'm sure the manager will come on and defend the hotel and staff with generic words as he's done before but it's irrelavant, the hotel is simply substandard and the reviews are showing it. I've stayed in hotels all over the world and this was clearly a 3* at best. If you advertise as 5, which the Hesperia do in abundance then you should deliver and they simply do not.

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