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Isabel's complaint against The One Stop Loan Shop

Isabel Vint


I applied for a loan with this \company and they asked for a £50 one off payment before processing

Complaint against The One Stop Loan Shop

I made the payment on Tuesday 6th October 2015 and was told I would receive decision and paperwork in 48 hours now to me that meant Thursday 8th Oct 2015 but no it didn't their 48 hours was up today. Did I get the loan! of course not did I get money back ! of course not Did they call me ! of course not I called them and was hung up on so I called back and told them not to hang up or I would contact Action Fraud they did not hang up but they never spoke either. I have still not received a call from them or my money back and no loan either I want them exposed and I want my £50 returned forthwith these scammers need taken to task for inappropriate behaviour and everyone who are out of pocket financially refunded with interest and compensation I am an elderly pensioner £50 is a lot of money to me I don't need the likes of them taking from me and not returning it I am not alone having read reviews Surely something can be done and those concerned be taken to task and even Jailed for misrepresentation and embezzlement or misuse of clients monies. your early response would be appreciated

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