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Sara's complaint against Minted Mobi

Sara Lyons


[RESPONDED] Phone charges for receiving text messages

Complaint against Minted Mobi

I've been charged loads of money for receiving text messages from Minted Mobi. I don't recall signing up to anything. I don't want these messages. It's a complete scam to charge people for receiving a text message. How can I stop receiving these messages?

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Customer Service | | VERIFIED

Dear Sara, Any charges incurred on your mobile phone can only occur as the result of interaction with one of our services. If you would like to unsubscribe you can send 'STOP' to the five digit shortcode you are receiving the messages from. Alternatively contact our Customer Services Team on 03301340181 or email us at [email protected], we will be happy to help. Customer Services for MintedMobi

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

I sent you an email to the address you've given, on 4/6/17 You did not even reply and you did not stop sending messages to me. I received more messages after that date. This was the email I sent: .I have autism. I use my mobile phone to text my family because I can't make phone calls and they need to know where I am and that I am safe. I use my disability living allowance to pay my monthly bill.

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

The email was titled Please stop sending me text messages. The rest of the email read: Since you started sending text messages, I have had to borrow money to pay the extra costs. I don't understand why my bills are higher than usual. Please STOP sending me text messages. I can't afford to pay for them. I don't understand them. I put my phone number at the end.

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

I received an email from Minted Mobi stating that I entered into their advertisement online and a PIN number that was sent in a text message to my mobile phone was submitted back into the same advertisement online on the same day, which verified my entry into the service. They offered me £90 as a goodwill gesture. However (cont)

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

I found the text message they sent me on 22nd August 2016 with the PIN number I was supposed to send back to them to verify my entry into the service. I didn't send the PIN number. They haven't offered any proof that I sent the PIN number back. They have just said I did. Their text messages to me have cost me £176 so I don't think £90 is fair compensation. I have written to them to explain this.

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

So, Minted Mobi have refused to refund the full amount as they say I did send the PIN back and they sent me lots of messages about the service to let me know I could cancel it. Of course, I ignored these messages as I hadn't signed up to anything and I thought they were spam. My phone provider has confirmed that I did not return the PIN so did not sign up to the service.

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

Interestingly, my phone provider also said this: 'although a PIN may have been sent to you, it is not always the case that a reply needs to be sent. In most cases, your mobile number can be provided as a billing method via an online website or form and once the PIN is entered into this form or website, it would confirm your acceptance of any applicable fees.' Illegal?

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

I contacted Minted Mobi again and insisted that I had not signed up to their service. I asked for my complaint to be escalated to a more senior person and I asked for proof that I had signed up to the service. Instead, they contacted me and said again that I had signed up to the service but they would refund all of my money. And I have now received a full refund.

Sara Lyons | | VERIFIED

I'm obviously pleased to get all my money back but I still don't know how (if) I signed in to the service in the first place. My phone company has placed a bar on my phone so I won't get caught out by anyone else. I also contacted OfCom to tell them about my experience. They would not investigate as they have not received enough complaints so please contact them if you have also had problems.
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