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Cecilia's complaint against Learndirect

Cecilia Moyo


Dismissal without cause

Complaint against Learndirect

I started a course with learn direct and everything was ok, until the tutors kept changing. It was hard to get in contact with any tutors and when I did, the tutors were very rude and not helpful. I was taken off the course because I submitted my assignment twice, which is not a proper reason to take me off the course. I was taken off the course by learn direct, while they were still taking money from student finance as if I was still on the course . I spoke to student finance about it and they said all it takes is an email to say I'm no longer on the course. This will enable student finance to stop sending funds and I would be able to do another course elsewhere . Could not get in touch with a particular person, who I was able to get in touch with quite easily. Every time I called, receptionist would answer, leave, come back and say he's not there and he's on holiday. For 3 weeks I've been trying , still on holiday which he wasn't . When I finally got a hold of him, he said he will tell student finance but of course he didn't. Weeks went by as they collected money from student finance, pretending like I'm still on the course. Up to today, I can't get a simple letter from learn direct to say why I was taken off the course as I'm unable to start another course until they do so. 2 weeks later and I'm still waiting, calling every day , cannot get through to him. Still waiting . Who can i complain to about learn direct as something needs to be done about this company ?

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