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Ayllin's complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Ayllin Yassin


Aggressive members of staff. Unexpected price increases.

Complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

I am unfortunately writing this complaint following my disappointing visit to the Gypsy Corner office on Saturday, 30th of September. I arrived at the premises with my mum and sister at around 3:30pm and was attended by an extremely aggressive and rude member of staff. I came to the office following an earlier telephone conversation regarding my change of address. As someone over the phone had previously told my mum, I had to come with proof of ID to the office in order to be able to change the address. I was never asked to show my proof of ID and while the lady was changing my address in the system, I inquired why prices had increased considerably since I signed my contract. Her reply was immediately dismissive. Even though her tone was clearly inappropriate and unjustified, I just waited for her to complete the change of address. She handed me what looked like a new contract to sign and complete with my initials. When I was halfway filling in the initials, I noticed the new contract specified a monthly rent of around £147. I inquired why the new contract I was signing had an even higher monthly rent than what I was currently paying (£100.20) considering the fact I was only changing my address. The lady was again dismissive and expected me to continue to sign because "I don't know why, I only have 5 minutes till close". This is when my mum intervened and made it clear to the lady that even if she was in a hurry to close, she could not expect me to sign a new contract for a much higher. The lady then became frustrated and snatched the papers from my hand and ripped them apart. Considering how aggressive and inappropriate her gesture was, I requested to be able to speak to a manager. I had to change my address without signing a new contract as I was going abroad the next day and wouldn't be able to visit the premises for a longer period of time. The lady claimed she was the manager and continued to rush us outside. Me and my mum then asked for the phone number of her superior. She then took out, what I suppose was her personal phone (Rose iPhone) and while the phone was ringing a certain number she extended her phone to me and then took it back saying "not this phone". She continued to use another phone and called a certain Arthur. She did not let us speak to her superior and made it look like her superior was agreeing to her. I am not only disappointed by the increase in price which I understand your company reserves the right to do so whenever they please. I am even more disappointed by the way we have been treated. Shurgard clearly fails to meet the promise of "Best Price, Best Service" they advertise.

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