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Paul's complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Paul Daniels


Payments issues and appalling service

Complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Firstly your company’s performance and service has been abysmal since Nov 16 when you changed your banking details without any notification. Up to that point I always paid immediately on the telephone reminder, that arrangement worked and the service was good. At the beginning of the contract I was unable to set up a direct debit or standing order so this is what I was left with and it worked fine. Since November 16 I have had to run around after your organisation to make payments. This has been either to redirect monies or I have had come to branch as it is quite clear the accounts and branch have different information. I was declined access to my belongings etc. when you have evidently made a mistake. After demonstrating payments are correct and in full your Surbiton branch manager told me I was potentially lying and couldn't see the payment destinations. He also asked for all my personal bank statement so he could copy them. What sort of organisation do you run? I have given all bank eFax detail and additionally the payment destinations to you head office with a complaint and the Surbiton branch manager has now set and debt collection agency on me. You have also requested three different payments from £200 to £398 over seven days when payments are in full and complete at the beginning of March 2017. I have now left your organisation. Your customer services are dilatory, your Surbiton staff are duplicit and shouldn't be in that position, I was advised that all mails go to the area manager and they don't respond. I have even requested a complaint is sent to the MD or CEO. Words fail me and I have now sent all the mails and complaints to the debt agency and demonstrating what, where and when I have paid on copies of HSBC efax. I will be billing you for all my wasted time.

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