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Leion's complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Leion Harris


Sold Whole Storage without Following Procedures

Complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Using Shurgard while my new house was getting prepared, my entire worldly goods as well as my elderly mothers goods were inside the storage. The entire contents of my storage got sold without contacting me!!!! I notified them of my new address by letter as stated what I should do in terms and conditions. My Direct Debit failed and with me not knowing, they didn't contact me via my new address not my mobile or email! They then couldn't wait to get into the storage and "sold" my entire worldly goods for £2200! The goods inside were ether designer or newly new for the move into the new house. After realising the DD had stopped via my bank, I called up straight away to clear the money. Only to be told my entire storage, even baby photos and confidential paper work was sold too! They Added insult to injury by saying that they owe me £200 from goods worth over £30,00 easily. So from then on, my world fell apart. I have called and emailed and they have just ignored all of my efforts to ether talk or to have an explanation. I was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure as this is day light robbery. They have ruined my life and are not acknowledging this let alone facing up to any responsibility! I have asked to see my file, which states I am able to do so in the terms and conditions but again they ignore my emails, letters sent recorded delivery which shows it is signed for at Shurgard Head Office. I need answers, when I asked for inventories, they went blank. I got one initial email from a district manager and when I replied it's like they just want me to accept my entire life has gone and it's ok. Even personal things like indemnification, tax records and my children's pictures has been sold? Surely this is not legal. Please could someone give me advice on how to take this further I am currently seeking going to small claims court as a last resort.

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