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Stay away from Shurgard Shysters!

Complaint against Shurgard Self-Storage

Stay away from Shurgard Shysters! Shurgard took over the ABC Selfstore company and I can find nothing to like about Shurgard. They were quick to inform ABC customers about terms & payments but gave no information about what was happening with the store staff or how to contact the store or how things were changing. You have to trawl their t's&c's to find out the little hidden details about what changes they're making - they won't tell you directly. And email replies seem to be written by someone who read "how to write a facile reply that sounds as if you give a toss when in fact you couldn't care less" I tried calling my local store. I used to get straight through to a person. Now there is a "press 1 for ..." menu and after that the number diverts to another store (or perhaps planet shurgard) and apparently this is now a standard procedure, so I can no longer call the store to ask a simple question, or check if I've had a delivery, or anything else at all. The email address was wiped and I had to send 3 separate emails to Shurgard head office to find put the email address for my local store. The website email box has a 512 char limit so I had to send 5 separate emails for my one single message. The store management and staff are unhappy. Shurgard have scant regard for customer service or staff relations. ABC Selfstore was fantastic. I've been a happy customer for 13 years. My local Camden store is losing customers in droves and I will be joining them. I cannot fathom why anyone would give Shurgard a positive rating for anything at all. In my opinion Shurgard is faceless, soul-less, response-less, indifferent, greedy, impersonal, uncaring, unconcerned about customers, and worst of all, they don't care about any of this at all! I DO NOT recommend Shurgard for any reason under any circumstances and I will continue to communicate my absolute displeasure in every scathing, vitriolic and venemous way I can. Be warned! Stay away from Shagard Shysters. You won't like them and they don't care. Also see bbc website programmes articles for just-how-secure-is-shurgard and aspokesmansaid website for company-8525/shurgard-self-storage. and do a google search on "shurgard london losing customers" and see what the national press have to say. (Shurgard thew away £10,000 of customers property after the warehouse was infested by rats. Shur! Store your stuff with Shurgard... )

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